What is Unplastic?

The foundation for tomorrow’s future is laid today. And what are we leaving behind? Our footsteps are solidified, molded in plastic. There’s only so much carbon in the world, pity that most of it is stuck in time. Stuck in time, unable to degrade or perish. Stuck in land pits and floating on the oceans.

Do you know that ANY piece of plastic that you have ever SEEN, TOUCHED or USED till date is laying somewhere in the world right now? Plastic is the greatest virus on planet Earth (apart from human beings, of course) and the sad part is that this virus has gone unattended to and unseen by generations of people who were too busy seeking ‘development’ and pleasures, ignoring the repercussions of their actions. The philosophy ‘Live for Today’ has heavily impacted not just us, but every single one of the 8.7 million species of life that live on this planet. What went truly wrong is that we believed that we owned the planet, that we could divide its land, use its water and all resources for ourselves as if we were the only organisms living on it and at the end, throw the left-overs back to the planet for it to self-heal. That time is long gone where the damage could be undone… or so the experts say. What is left, is to see how long the planet can hold on, and to make sure that the situation does not become any worse than it already is.

We are Last Eleven, and we wish to do something about this catastrophic circumstance. We want for this unseen apocalypse to be seen, to be acknowledged by people. We wish, in true terms, for people to give a damn about it, for there is no way back from this crisis. With this project, our aim is to make content that hits people hard with the truth so that they understand the gravity of the problem. Through our work, we wish to generate a sense of responsibility and sensitivity in people with regards to the plastic disaster.